DisplayChurch.Events: Fewer Steps to Better Church calendars/Event Lists

DisplayChurch.Events: Fewer Steps to Better Church calendars/Event Lists

How many steps does it take you to update your church’s online calendar or events list?

And if your events include forms, can your current process easily include them? Lastly, do you have lots of options when customizing your calendar or events list to reflect your church branding?

Nicole To, Communications Director at Arbor Road Church was kind enough to reply to our “7 minutes” feedback request survey. Here’s what Nicole shared.

Before joining Display.Church, what did your calendar update process look like?

Nicole shared: “Before using this solution, we were adding our events into WordPress manually as calendar events on top of entering them into CCB.”

This is the main point of the Display.Church (DCE)—Church Community Builder™(CCB) integration. Not only don’t you have to enter event data twice (D.C pulls your data from CCB), you also don’t need to worry about keeping your calendar current (D.C updates your calendars and events list automatically on every sync).

Did your church have a specific goal when choosing Display.Churchanything to fix, improve on or begin?

“The old system definitely worked, but when we decided to create a new website, we wanted to look for something that would eliminate one of those steps for us,” Nicole said. “And we wanted to do it in a way that worked seamlessly with CCB, which is where so much of our data already lives.”

Reducing the workload is one of the big reasons we built DCE. We know churches ‘intimately’. Since we’ve attended them, been part of their management teams and worked with them for many years, we know the staffing and budgeting challenges many churches face. Being able to put out a professional-looking calendar in less time is definitely a big help.

Please describe the ‘win(s)’. Which specific aspects of Display.Church helped you?

Nicole explained: “I LOVE that all I need to do is have our events loaded into our CCB calendar and Display.Church pulls them directly, including any linked forms. I really like that there are multiple ways to format each calendar, and on top of that I really enjoy being able to customize the colors and look/feel to match our branding!”

Let’s talk about forms for a minute. If your event has a form that needs to be completed, just set it up on CCB and D.C can handle it.

And speaking about forms, D.C can also handle two types of RSVP: 1. Your church members register for an event which you then review on CCB; 2. Your church members RSVP to an event that does not need any CCB review. Again, just organize it on CCB and D.C will get it on your calendar or events list.

Lastly, a word about customization and branding. Display.Church allow you to easily create beautiful, embeddable calendar views using your Church Community Builder™ events with this Integration. We have licensed the look and feel from one of the most popular calendaring systems, EventOn, and integrated those views to work with any Church Community Builder™ account.

Anything else?

Overall, Nicole told us: “I’ve been really pleased overall with Display.Church, especially the quick support you’ve been able to give us! Thank you!” She also said: “I’ve also been able to use the quick sync option without any problems since your team took a look at it!’

Support… Things happen. Even the best app has glitches once in a while. The point is, what then? Are you stuck with a product that doesn’t work, a calendar or events list that is out-of-date, and no one to talk to?

Excellent support is a must at DCE. Everyone on our team works together to provide quality help desk articles for day-to-day guidance and a highly responsive chat to solve any issues which come up.

Is your church interested in making your staffing hours go further?

This might mean that you finally get to things that have been on the back burner for what feels like forever.

Absolutely! Take me to the free, 14-day trial.