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Spread the word…and get rewarded through affiliates.

Earn up to 50% commission

Now you can pass along the good news about Display.Church to others, and help your church budget by becoming a Display.Church affiliate. We have two affiliate programs to choose from.

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Why Display.Church?

  • Display.Church has been in business since 2018.
  • Hundreds of churches use Display.Church to promote their church events, increase fellowship, spread the Good Word, and encourage people in their next steps towards Christ.
  • We integrate with Breeze, Pushpay/CCB, Google Calendar, and Planning Center (PCO).

Our two affiliate options

Affiliate 1: 30 for 30 Church Partners Affiliate

When your referee signs up and pays, you get 30% of their first payment and they get 30% off their first payment. 

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Affiliate 2: Agency or Blogger or Influencer or Review site (on steroids)

50% on each payment. Earn residual income.

  • Usually for people who are able to send us $1000 in new business per year.
  • You would most probably begin with our Affiliate 1 option. Then, if you refer 3 clients in one year, you may qualify or if you have a large following or specific marketing plan, we can consider adding you to the higher tier. 
  • Send us an email (help @ display.church) 

Affiliate earnings breakdown

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Clear and transparent info about your commissions:

  • when did the sale take place
  • who was the customer
  • how much was the sale for
  • how much is your commission on this sale
  • what is the status

We want you to know exactly how you are doing.

Self-manage / transparency

Your Affiliates Dashboard lets you easily see your earnings and manage your account. You will see the status of your commissions as well as you who referred.

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How it works

  • 1 Sign up
  • 2 Grab your unique link
  • 3 Share everywhere
  • 4 Get alerts on new commissions or track online
  • 5 Get paid via PayPal on the 1st / 30th day

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