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Want to make sure your people can find your sign-up and registration forms with just one click?

Church sign-up and registration forms are super important for any church community. So, you've made sure to include links and calls-to-action (CTAs) on your ChMS event pages...and even via other Display.Church products such as your calendar and group widget views.

And yet, people being people, don't always find those links and CTAs...especially if it involves more than one click.

Plus, what about sign-ups and registrations which are not attached to a particular event such as a new member contact info form?

Present our newest easy-to-use, cloud-based Display.Church solution: Sign-up Forms.

At the moment, this works with Planning Center (PCO) but Pushpay/CCB is coming soon!

Make things easy to find and understand

Filter by form type:

For PCO, mix and match these form options: free, featured, open, and closed.


Featured badge:

Add a customizable label to make important forms stand out.


More or less info:

In addition to an image (graphic or custom color), you can choose to display a title and/or a description...or neither.


Up-To-Date Automatically

Just keep your ChMS (PCO) updated. Display.Church does the rest—automatically.

  • Details come from your integration (PCO), so no double entry.
  • You can also do a manual sync (update) at any time.

Professional Design Templates

Not a graphics person or designer? Display.Church has done the work for you.

  • Easily create beautiful sign-ups / registrations views using your ChMS data and our integration.
  • More than 20 design features let you fully customize your sign-ups / registrations display to reflect your ministry culture and branding.
  • We have licensed the look and feel from one of the most popular calendaring systems, EventOn, and integrated those views to work with PCO.

Awesome Features For Today’s Ministries

Group 6197


Choose the font type, weight, and size for each
major element to ensure it matches your

Group 6198

Colors & Layout

Choose the colors and layout type to
match your specific needs.

Group 6204

No Coding

Set up a sign-ups / registrations view in 5 minutes or less. No coding required. A one-time add of one line of
script to your website enables the views to work.

Group 6205

Automatic Syncing

We’ll ensure your sign-ups / registrations display  is always updated. We update views once or
twice per day (according to your plan) or you
can push unlimited changes from within the app.

And Tons More!

Group 6118

Responsive Format

Our calendar view works on the most modern websites and responds nicely on all devices.

Multiple Views

Choose from Full Calendar, Weekly View, Events List, Cards (Grid), Cards (List), Slider, and the new Detailed List.

Auto and manual sync

Automatic: We will ensure your calendar is always updated. Depending on your plan, updates happen once a day

(3 am UTC or 4AM UTC depending on plan) or twice a day (12 am and 12 pm UTC).

Manual: You can always push unlimited changes from within the app.


Sign-up Forms Demo (PCO)

Click on one of the sign-up forms to see what happens.

Group 241

How it Works

1. Sign up & Integrate

Sign up and Integrate your Google Calendar account or Church Management Software Account.

2. Customize (No Coding)

Choose the calendar type, group widget, or event alert you want. Customize the design.

3. Publish and Embed

Publish and embed your calendar, groups widget, and/or event alert on your website.

Real Clients


* Add a one-time EventOn(c) licensing fee: $50 (Same for everyone)


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