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Case Study: An appealing, customizable, well-maintained calendar solution that honors God’s resources

By Jason Alexis | February 1, 2022

This case study is all about the money. Here’s what we mean… Church-centric applications should focus on good stewardship of God’s resources. First, using good management shows that the people behind the app handle their responsibilities faithfully. Also, they prove their honesty by not wasting or misusing His goods. Lastly, they enable churches’ productivity, allowing…

Case Study: Meet your ministry on their mobiles

By Jason Alexis | October 5, 2021

Even though F2F (face-to-face) communication is usually more effective, life often gets in the way. It ain’t gonna happen on a regular basis. This is especially true with groups of people such as church memberships. The next best thing is digital: website, texting, etc. Now, we need to make sure that our uploaded content looks…