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Bethany Community Church

Best of Both Worlds, Calendar, Mixed D.C, TOP 🌟🔥🤩


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Andrew Mills

Lead Pastor

Lots is happening on this Event page. Let’s take a more in depth look…

The Bethany Church Events Page is a combination of  3 different calendar views: one is not a Display.Church (D.C) template; the other two are. So, once again, we see the ‘best of both worlds’ strategy. In addition, they are using 2 different D.C templates—a great example of how you can combine several D.C templates to tell a more complete story.

Notice the flow of the page—how the page moves from the specific to the more general. That is, at the top, are highlighted events. These are happenings which Bethany Community Church wants to call special attention to. Then, viewers are presented with what’s happening that week. It’s great for people who want to see what they can look forward to now. Lastly, viewers can see the more expanded monthly view, suiting people who are looking to plan their future commitments.

Highlights: This is not a Display.Church template. However, it is clearly eye-catching and highly effective. Scrolling is available via the left and right arrows. Look at how well it blends with the two Display.Church options which follow it. As we continue to say: Use all the tools at your fingertips to create your digital strategy. If your integration has a worthwhile calendar view, consider using it.

Not D.C

Non-Display.Church view


This Week: Here we see a dramatic example of the Display.Church weekly view calendar template – pills option.  Note the black background which draws the eye, excellently contrasting with the colorful images above.

D.C Weekly Pills

Display.Church Weekly View Pills Calendar View


This Month: This calendar choice is the Display.Church Cards List view. Bethany Community Church has chosen to display only basic information up front. This works well because it does not overload the eye with TMI. People can click each card to get more details.

D.C Cards List

Display.Church Cards List Calendar View



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