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København (KBH) Frikirke

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Jacob Viftrup

Leader of Ministryteam

Not using English? No problem! Display.Church widgets are happy to work in other languages.

We were thrilled to see the website of Københavns (KBH) Frikirke Church because it is a great example of how well Display.Church can handle non-English languages…even languages whose letters may be different from those in English.


On their home page, KBH Frikirke has used the Display.Church slider calendar template. They have set the slider to slide automatically, but you can also click and drag it.

If you click on an event, a pop-up opens with more details. There are many design options so you can customize which details show and how they look.

Display.Church pop-up of more information


On their home page, KBH Frikirke has a clear link to their Events Page.

KBH Frikirke menu link to their Events Pags

We cannot stress how important it is for your people and first-time guests to be able to find your event information easily. The clearer and more user-friendly your event details, the higher your participation rates will be.

The KBH Frikirke Events Page begins with a Display.Church monthly calendar. This gives a nice overview of what’s happening during that time. Viewers can navigate between months using the right and left arrows at the top.

Display.Church Monthly Calendar template with navigation


This is followed by a Display.Church Cards (Grid) template. It’s our most popular view as it offers a visually-exciting way to display more event information.

Display.Church Cards (Grid) template


KBH Frikirke is using the Display.Church—Planning Center ChMS integration. With this integration, there is an option to link to your church center event details. So, when a viewer clicks on an event in the above view, they are directed to the Planning Center page which gives more information for that event. Compare the image below (PCO church center page) with the Display.Church pop-up we spoke about above. So, the best of both worlds!

The KBH Frikirke Planning Center event church center page



KBH Frikirke is a multi-campus church.

KBH Frikirke has three campuses/locations.


Display.Church allows you to make an unlimited number of calendar views, no matter which plan you choose. In addition, Display.Church has extensive filtering options. KBH Frikirke has used both to their advantage by having campus-specific calendar views. For example, below is the Valby Cards(Grid) calendar view. It displays Valby events as well as major church-wide events located in Frederiksberg.


Valby campus-specific events + major church-wise events in Frederiksberg

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