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Cathedral of Faith

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Cathedral of Faith

Calendar, Mixed D.C


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Kurt Foreman

Director of Operations

Let’s take a closer look at this ‘mixed D.C’ example…

The image below shows Cathedral of Faith’s Events Page. We chose this example because Cathedral of Faith is showing us a super way to get a lot of information on one page.

Cathedral of Faith’s Events Page


Under the title banner, in the top, left-hand corner is a single item of the Display.Church Cards (Grid) view. Opposite it is a full Display.Church Monthly Calendar view. Below are 5-card rows of  the Display.Church Cards (Grid) view.

Monthly Calendar view

Viewers can click on an event in the full calendar. When they do, more information about that event pops up.

Close up of part of the Display.Church Full Calendar View template

Pop-up of more information for that event












Cards Grid view

The 5-card rows show a lot of that information without the viewer having to click. (They can click on a card to get the same pop-up as in the full calendar).


Close up of one of the cards

Pop up of the event information on that card


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