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Calendar, Groups, Mixed D.C, TOP 🌟🔥🤩


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Ryan Stoops

Lead Pastor

Let’s unpack this ‘mixed D.C’ example…

Right on their Home Page, Deer Flat Church makes it easy to find their church events.

For one thing, their menu has an obvious EVENTS link.

The EVENTS menu link on the Deer Flat Church Home Page.

For another, if you scroll down the page, you get a view of upcoming events. This is the Display.Church Slider option in action: viewers swipe left and right to see the events.


If a viewer clicks on an event, more information will display as a pop up.

A pop-up of more information about the event clicked.


On their Events page, Deer Flat Church has three buttons: Full Calendar, Featured Events, and Groups/Classes.

Deer Flat’s Home Page with 3 events buttons.

Clicking on the Full Calendar button moves you down the page to a Display.Church Monthly Calendar view.

Deer Flat Church using Display.Church’s Full Calendar View

Choosing and clicking on the Featured Events button moves you down the page to a Display.Church Cards (Grid) view.


Deer Flat’s use of the D.C Card Grid View


Clicking on the Groups/Classes button takes you to another website page.  Groups are displayed using the Display.Church Events List view. This is notable. Display.Church does have special views for your small groups. However, Deer Flat has opted to use a Calendar view instead. Very creative and displays quite nicely!


Using the D.C Groups Widget to display Small Groups on offer



Notice the left/right arrows in each view. This is Navigation. Viewers can move backwards and forwards between the months to see both previous and upcoming events.

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