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The River Anglican Church

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Jonathan Tagg

Head Pastor / Priest

Small groups are an important way for people to ‘show up’ to church. Some groups will offer guidance in next steps to Christ. Others may help will life challenges or support worthy causes.

Highlighting your small groups motivates people to engage.

The River Anglican Church home page does not feature a Display.Church (D.C) view. That’s ok. As we always say, mixing and matching is fine. In that way, you can enjoy the ‘best of both words’: the options in your ChMS or Google Calendar plus the templates in Display.Church. Note the See More Upcoming Events button underneath the events. This will bring you to their Events page – a D.C view.

Home page with non-Display.Church view


If you click on the See more Upcoming Events button on the home page, you will arrive at their Events page. (There is also a link to this page in their header menu: Resources –> Upcoming Events.) On their upcoming events page, The River Anglican Church chose a Display.Church Events List calendar view. This church has chosen to display only upcoming events.

Events page: Display.Church Events List view



There are a variety of small groups at this church. If you go to their header menu and click on Ministries –> Life Groups, you will arrive at their Life Groups page. The display on their page uses the Display.Church Cards (Grid) groups widget.


Life Groups page with the Display.Church Cards Grid Groups Widget

The River Anglican Church has chosen to use both badge options: a primary badge (Life Groups) and a secondary badge (Request to join). These badges give people ‘need to know’ details up front. They have chosen one call-to-action (CTA): Contact Group Leader. (You can have up to two CTAs). Their are a wide range of menu options for both badges and CTA’s.

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