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Vinyard Boise Church

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Vineyard Boise Church

Calendar, TOP 🌟🔥🤩


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Trevor Estes

Lead Pastor

There’s more than one way to show a weekly calendar.

Vineyard Boise Church is one of our top examples because first of all, they have decided to display a weekly calendar instead of a monthly one on their events page. Showing a week at a time helps prevent TMI. People navigate between weeks using the left and right arrows on either side of the date or the up/down arrows to the right of the date.

In addition, their weekly calendar looks a little bit different than usual. That’s because they are using the Display.Church Pills template. Our weekly calendar template comes in 3 varieties: pills, stacks, and events list.



See still images below:


Display.Church weekly view – Pills format




Weekly view: Stacks option



Weekly view: Events list option




If you click on a Vineyard Boise Church event, a pop up with more information displays.

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