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Event Alerts: Highlights which stick on webpages & in people’s minds

By Piotr Pozniak | March 21, 2023

Since many churches have tons of weekly events, some events—especially those focused on potential guests like Easter—can get buried on your website. What if there is a way you could automatically sync your events and draw attention to the ones which matter the most? Then, once the event was over, the highlight feature would go…

Case Study: Dave Enns, GateWay Bible Church

By Jason Alexis | February 1, 2022

Church-centric applications should focus on good stewardship of God’s resources. Dave’s church abandoned a custom, programmer project (each issue took way too long to adjust). They found Display.Church to be very appealing, very customizable, and we can see it is well maintained.

Case Study: Kylar Christison of A&M Church of Christ

By Jason Alexis | October 5, 2021

A&M Church of Christ were able to make a more visually appealing calendar, including adding a registration function. “We have been able to customize calendars specific to certain pages of our website and everything is mobile-friendly!” Kyle shared.