Partner Ben F. has used Display.Church for over 6 months. He appreciates its integration with Planning Center, especially how it helps reduce information overload for his people. He also values D.C’s prompt support service.

Take your ChMS calendars one step further

At Display.Church, we really believe in making your church data pretty. To make that process more seamless, we integrate with your event data and/or small groups ChMS or app. Your data is syncing automatically, so you can (almost) ‘set it and forget it’.

Since we specialize in calendars, group widgets, event alerts, and sign-up forms displays, we can add more of those ‘need right away’ options and features than your ChMS or app. Our products have over 100 customizations options.

It’s a ‘best of both worlds’ situation at a price that doesn’t bust your church budget.

Ben’s Feedback

That’s exactly the feedback we received from Ben F., Creative and Communications Director who works in non-profit organization management. Ben has used Display.Church for more than 6 months with the Planning Center integration. Here’s what he shared: 

“I like how it works with Planning Center to pull event calendar information, displaying it in an aesthetically-pleasing and easy-to-understand way, and how it works with various different calendar platforms (Breeze, CCB, Google Calendar, etc.) The functionality is that you can highlight certain events created in Planning Center on your website without being taken to a separate Church Center page, which has an overwhelming amount of information, and is not very aesthetically pleasing.”

Anything negative?

Ben shared: 

“There were a few things that made us second-guess moving forward with our subscription (slow loading speeds, overwhelming amount of options, etc.), but these issues were solved by contacting support, who were really prompt with their responses, and incredibly helpful.”

We were more than happy to be of assistance! Things are always going to pop up, no matter how well-tested something is. What’s important is whether or not the people you work with are willing and able to fix the situations. We are.

Ben’s feedback in Capterra

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