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Different views for different needs | Arbor Road Church

By Jason Alexis | March 20, 2023


Do your important public church events stand out or do they get lost in the shuffle?

What about ministry events? Can those who want to attend find when & where easily?

And if you are a multi-location/multicampus church, could you have separate calendars for each campus?

Case Study: An appealing, customizable, well-maintained calendar solution that honors God’s resources

By Jason Alexis | February 1, 2022

This case study is all about the money. Here’s what we mean… Church-centric applications should focus on good stewardship of God’s resources. First, using good management shows that the people behind the app handle their responsibilities faithfully. Also, they prove their honesty by not wasting or misusing His goods. Lastly, they enable churches’ productivity, allowing…

Case Study: Meet your ministry on their mobiles

By Jason Alexis | October 5, 2021

Even though F2F (face-to-face) communication is usually more effective, life often gets in the way. It ain’t gonna happen on a regular basis. This is especially true with groups of people such as church memberships. The next best thing is digital: website, texting, etc. Now, we need to make sure that our uploaded content looks…

Ninja trick: Generate interest in featured events

By Jason Alexis | October 4, 2021

Feel like your ministry events are getting lost in your general online calendar? Want to generate interest in events even before they show up on your current weekly or monthly calendar views? Here’s how Display.Church (DCE) can help you focus your membership’s attention on featured events happening at your church. Our thanks to Nicole To…

Case Study: More attention-grabbing, updated church calendars with less work? It’s possible.

By Jason Alexis | August 25, 2021

We can agree that the goal of your church calendar is to inspire people to participate in events and meetings. If your calendar is not current, they won’t know about all the great things you have planned. (You can’t attend something you don’t know about, right?) If it is not attractively displayed, it won’t grab…

Streamlined Data entry with DisplayChurch.Events

By Jason Alexis | May 25, 2021

What does your church’s data entry process look like? Is it as streamlined as possible? Or is there a lot of double-entry? What about automaticity? Or is there still a lot of manual data entry? Katie Ballard, Assistant to Operations at Grace Fellowship Church was kind enough to reply to our “7 minutes” feedback request…

An Unsolicited Review of

By Jason Alexis | March 30, 2020

Cecillia Fountain of Centerpoint Church reached out to us with an unsolicited review of Before using Cecillia shared: “We didn’t have a great solution prior to We manually updated our website with larger events that had registration forms. [The] bad part of that was that old info remained on the website if…