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Reducing ‘Noise’ in Church Event Communication to Increase Conversion – Part I

By Piotr Pozniak | November 27, 2023

Church growth is a wonderful thing! Your membership increases; your events multiply; your ministry is thriving. Congratulations! And yet, as everything gets bigger, how do you continue to keep the connections? The goal of churches is for people to move through the discipleship process. Usually, churches meet only one day a week as a whole…

Case Study: Nicole To, Arbor Road Church

By Jason Alexis | March 20, 2023

Nicole and Arbor Church needed an easier way to update their calendar. After exploring a few solutions, they chose Display.Church for its features: sign up forms that can be pulled directly from CCB calendars, the ability to customize branding and colors, and “set it and forget it” data management capabilities that save time. The Versatility feature also allows them to list events in four tabs using D.C filtering options.

DisplayChurch.Events V2: What’s new under the hood

By Jason Alexis | June 24, 2021

Although your calendars should look the same, Display.Church (DCE) has had major, under the hood tweaks to make it both easier to add features and more scalable.  We have tested our changes, so there should be no impact to your published events. Having said that, if you notice something, please let us know via our…