Display.Church (D.C) has streamlined the process of church data management previously done manually, eliminating the need for a ‘double-dip’ of info. This church saved around 5 hours per week by entering data once.

Streamlined Data entry

What does your church’s data entry process look like?

Is it as streamlined as possible? Or is there a lot of double-entry? What about automaticity? Or is there still a lot of manual data entry?

Katie Ballard, Assistant to Operations at Grace Fellowship Church was kind enough to reply to our “7 minutes” feedback request survey.

Here’s what Katie shared.

How were you communicating your events before Display.Church?

Katie told us that they were using a “WordPress plugin that was not directly tied to CCB; everything was entered manually and was a ‘double-dip’ of info”.

Since Display.Church integrate with CCB (more integrations planned for later in 2021), there is no need to:

  • enter data twice—Display.Church pull your data from CCB (Church Community Builder™)
  • enter data manually—Display.Church updates your calendars and events list automatically on every sync.

What specifically was your goal in using Display.Church?Kballbiopic

In other words, what did you want to fix, improve on, or begin?

It was important for Grace Fellowship Church “to streamline the process as well as add value visually”.

Besides the streamlining (which we mentioned above), Display.Church allow you to easily create beautiful, embeddable calendar views using your Church Community Builder™ events with this Integration. We have licensed the look and feel from one of the most popular calendaring systems, EventOn, and integrated those views to work with any Church Community Builder™ account.

Please describe the ‘win(s)’. Which specific aspects of Display.Church helped you?

Including calculated or ballpark-estimated statistics of any kind would be a bonus.

Katie reported: “It has saved us time by being able to enter the data once, probably around 5 hours each week on the whole.”

What could your church staff do with an extra 5 hours each week?

For some ministries, that might be equivalent to one staff or volunteer workday—sort of like getting an extra day of the week.


What do you think? Could your church benefit from such a streamlined, visually upscaled, time-saving platform?

Absolutely! Take me to the free, 30-day trial.