Even though F2F (face-to-face) communication is usually more effective, life often gets in the way. It ain’t gonna happen on a regular basis. This is especially true with groups of people such as church memberships.

The next best thing is digital: website, texting, etc.

Now, we need to make sure that our uploaded content looks inviting and motivating, and that people can actually see what we’re uploading. Keep in mind that the #1 place they are looking is on their mobile phones.

Display.Church (DCE) can help with your calendars and event lists. With DCE, you can create beautiful, embeddable calendars for your church—no coding involved. DC

E integrates with Church Community Builder™ (CCB) and Planning Center (PCO). (Google Calendar coming soon.) Automatic syncing keeps your calendars or event lists updated, and you can manually sync at any time if needed.

Here’s how Kylar Christison, Facilities Manager at A&M Church of Christ used D.C to improve their church app and website calendars and events lists.



How were you communicating your events before Display.Church?

Events on Church app

Kylar said they were using “an RSS feed embedded in the app (no color customization, no registration links, no graphics for events)”.

Events on Church website

On their website, they were using “CCB’s integrated public calendar with no customization of views and not mobile friendly”.


What specifically was your goal in using Display.Church? In other words, what did you want to fix, improve on, or begin?

Events on Church app

Kylar informed that they wanted to “improve the visual appeal of the calendar and add a registration function to the app”.

Events on Church website

He said they were looking to “automatically pull in upcoming events specific to certain groups in CCB and not have to manually update the website for every new event. Also, to have a visually appealing calendar option on the website.”


Please describe the ‘win(s)’. Which specific aspects of Display.Church helped you?

Events on Church app

A&M Church of Christ were able to make a more visually appealing calendar, including adding a registration function.



Events on Church website

“We have been able to customize calendars specific to certain pages of our website and everything is mobile-friendly!” Kyle shared.



What is the next thing you’re planning on using Display.Church to fix, improve on, or begin (if any)?

Events on Church app

A&M Church of Christ does not have any “additional plans right now”.

Events on Church website

Kyle told us that they are thinking about “adding calendars for specific ministries on their individual website pages”.


Time to improve your calendar and events list displays on your church app or website?

Definitinitely! Take me to the free, 14-day trial.