This case study is all about the money. Here’s what we mean…

Church-centric applications should focus on good stewardship of God’s resources.

First, using good management shows that the people behind the app handle their responsibilities faithfully. Also, they prove their honesty by not wasting or misusing His goods. Lastly, they enable churches’ productivity, allowing those churches to see a good return on their investments.

Dave Enns, Worship Pastor at GateWay Bible Church had something important to say on this issue of good stewardship and agreed that we could share it with you.

Dave’s comment came at the end of a long customer support chat.

He and his Office Admin, Chesney Malabuyo reported several issues they were having using our Display.Church calendars with their Planning Center (PCO) integration.

We checked back in with Dave at the end to see if we had resolved everything. He replied: “Thanks so much for responding promptly and with fixes!”

Then he said…

“Funny thing (don’t know if I told you this yet), when we purchased your program, we had just finished spending like 400-500 dollars on a Fiverr guy on the other side of the world. [Editor’s note: In case you didn’t know, Fiverr is an online marketplace for freelance services]. He was programming a calendar plug-in to take the data from PCO. It was all done when we finally discovered yours, but we abandoned that programmer project because each issue took way too long to adjust. And bottom line, there was only one look that he was able to put together. Yours is very appealing, very customizable, and we can see it is well maintained. Thanks much!!”

Let’s unpack Dave’s answer a little

It often seems that paying once for a custom-built solution is a better option. However, as Dave found, the reality is often different.

First, Dave told us that with his custom-built solution, “each issue took way too long to adjust”. And issues will keep happening. That is the nature of applications. Dave found that Display.Church customer support “responds promptly and with fixes”.

Second, Dave’s custom-built solution included only “one look”. Display.Church currently offers 6, customizable calendar views (depending on your plan).

Lastly, there is the issue of maintenance. Custom-built solutions need maintenance, too, and this will mean additional costs. Dave found that Display.Church is “well-maintained”. We are continually improving our app, and sharing the costs among all our partners makes it a more affordable solution for everyone.

Want to check out calendar views with good stewardship at their core?

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